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A Tribute to the Endoscopy Department of the Campbell River Hospital

Like most folks, I was not looking forward to having a procedure at the hospital.

In fact, it was with trepidation that I arrived at the Endoscopy Department of the Campbell River Hospital this past Friday. I was most pleasantly surprised. The staff were, without exception, both courteous and cheerful.

I was given a clean, private cubicle forty-five minutes ahead of the procedure, with preparations done in a skillful and respectful manner, and with the addition of some humorous conversation.

In the spotless OR, the anesthetist carefully explained the anaesthetic to be administered, as well as explaining the graphs of my vitals which appeared on a large screen.

Before I knew it, I was back in the cubicle enjoying a cup of coffee and cookies. For the next half hour, my vitals continued to be monitored by a pleasant-faced nurse.

The surgeon, who did the procedure, appeared and explained her findings in a clear, direct manner.

Accompanying paperwork also explained the findings, as well as post-care instructions. Shortly afterwards, I dressed and was accompanied by another nurse to the outside pickup area where I was met by my husband.

In conclusion my parting comment to the nurse was, “I never expected a hospital experience to actually be enjoyable.”

She smiled broadly as she waved goodbye.

Kudos to the wonderful staff of the Endoscopy Department of the Campbell River Hospital.

Antonia Huber