A great citizen helps out

She was travelling alone and without a thought she bought three tickets!

It was my birthday last week and I was given a great gift.

My new girlfriend, Karen, arranged a stay at the Homfray Lodge, a new retreat with cabins a great dock and outstanding hosts.

The weather in the gulf was a bit too windy for me to take my boat back to Pacific Playground. Arrangements were made to get us to the Powell River Ferry. I was dropped off with our gear  and went to get tickets. I had plenty of money in the bank but nothing left on my cards and no cash. It was 10 minutes to sailing and I found out you cannot use debit, my cards didn’t work and with no cash, no hope to catch the Ferry.

I was a little despondent. I knew we could not get to a cash machine and back before it sailed. This is where a great citizen of your town stepped in. She was travelling alone and without a thought she bought three tickets! She said “just pay it forward.” Really?

I was too emotional to speak but said  “thank you  so much” and went back to get Karen, explain what happened and get down to the ferry. By then I had gathered my emotions and felt so blessed. Then here she was, our little angel,, we talked more and I realized I had about half of a 20 lb Spring I had caught at the Homfray Lodge. I offered her the best piece. At first she said no, but she knew her husband of 18 years would just love it! So we parted again she saying we were even.

I know, though, in my heart, the kindness she showed will be passed on to someone in need – no questions asked! Thank you Campbell River for having such a great citizen and thank you our special angel, your grace will be paid forward!

Mark Macey

Qualicum Beach