(photo credit/Lyn Hawley) Zeballos is conducting a study to understand housing needs in the community. (Photo credit/Lyn Hawley)

Zeballos rolls out housing needs survey for residents

The survey is part of the housing needs assessment to understand and respond to housing needs in the community

Zeballos has issued a housing-needs survey to its residents to be completed by June 22.

The survey is part of the study undertaken by the village to understand current and future housing needs and supply. The information gathered will also be used for updating Zeballos’ official community plan.

To encourage residents to participate, the village is giving out $50 cash prize upon completion of the survey.

WCS Engagement+Planning, a Whistler-based agency has been hired by the Strathcona Regional District to assist with this project.

Earlier in February, Zeballos was among the 50 municipalities and nine regional districts that received provincial funding to help assess its housing needs.

The housing needs assessment is funded by the provincial government through a program administered by the Union of B.C. municipalities.

In 2018, the provincial government announced a $5 million investment spread across three years (2019-2021) to help municipalities collect data, analyze trends and present reports by April 2022 and every five years thereafter.

Based on these reports, local and provincial governments can better understand and respond to housing needs in communities.

Data collected by the municipalities will include current and projected population, household income, significant economic sectors and currently available and anticipated housing units.

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