Youth makes Molotov cocktail in back shed

A young offender will be under intense supervision after he was found making a Molotov cocktail

A young offender will be under intense supervision after he was found making a Molotov cocktail.

“You’re going be very closely watched for one year,” said Judge Brian Saunderson on Monday in Campbell River provincial court.

The teen, who cannot be named, was seen by a neighbour on Feb. 18 in a backyard shed pouring gasoline into a bottle and stuffing a rag into the top.

Fortunately, the neighbour alerted police who arrived quickly and seized the single explosive device.

The teen was arrested, but released into the care of his family, and ordered to abide by a curfew. However, on March 31, he was found at Quality Foods in Merecroft Village and was arrested again. This time the youth was held in custody because he was on a no-go order to be anywhere near Merecroft Village and Booster Juice. On Dec. 14, 2011, the teen stole a tip jar from Booster Juice which contained about $20.

He was caught after he was clearly seen on the video surveillance. Then, on Dec. 30, around 9 a.m., staff at Johnny’s Bar in Willow Point discovered a break-in and $283 worth of liquor missing. The youth was arrested a short time later.

“Again, video is what got him,” Crown prosecutor David Fitzsimmons told the court.

At Monday’s court appearance, the youth appeared in the prisoner’s box and through his lawyer, Angie Penhall, pleaded guilty to all three charges. Judge Saunderson asked the young man if he had anything to say, but the youth declined.

He’s also facing one more outstanding charge of break and enter, which allegedly occurred on April 22, 2011.

Nevertheless, the youth was returned to his family’s custody after the judge read pre-sentence reports prepared by a youth probation officer, the John Howard Society and a psychiatrist.

Fitzsimmons noted that the reports are not “particularly positive” but they are optimistic. Judge Saunderson agreed that intense supervision is likely the best remedy.

It calls for the youth to obey a curfew, to attend a John Howard residential program, to take counselling as directed, to regularly report to his probation officer, to not drink or take drugs, and to not be in possession of any explosive devices or products.

He was also ordered to repay $20 to Booster Juice and to attend school or seek employment.