Young businessman will run for city council seat

A Campbell River businessman hopes his youth and enthusiasm will win him a seat on city council.

A Campbell River businessman hopes his youth and enthusiasm will win him a seat on city council.

Darryn Striga, 28, is the lastest to announce his bid for city councillor.

“I always had the intention of entering municipal politics, though the climate of Campbell River has forced my hand early,” Striga said. “I thought it was time to throw my hat in the ring and see what I can do.”

With a Nov. 19 municipal election looming, Striga becomes the third person, behind Sean Smith and Larry Samson, to announce his candidacy for councillor.

Striga believes his age will give him an edge.

“I think a younger person, with less preconceived notions going in, would benefit Campbell River right now,” Striga said.

Striga, a director with Daybreak Rotary, and a resident of Campbell River since the age of three said he sees the upcoming election as an opportunity to fix things.

“People complain to me that city wages are too high but also, I think the lack of open government and transparency with citizens is another big issue for me,” Striga said. “Government works for its citizens and I would keep that in mind and listen to and talk to people so everyone has a say.”

Striga, who works as a business co-ordinator for Mount Washington, said he would like to do an audit of City Hall.

“It would be interesting to see what a municipal audit would yield,” Striga said. “I would like to see where the money is going, and I think the citizens of Campbell River would like to see as well.”

Striga also sees the importance in strengthening the business sector.

Although this is his first time wading into municipal politics, it is in his blood. His grandfather was once the mayor of Port Hardy. Still, despite little experience himself, Striga is willing to learn and eager to take a seat at the table.

“I don’t think going in with less experience will be a detriment,” Striga said. “I’m willing to question things and look at taking things in a different direction.

“If city council were to stay the same, but with Darryn Striga on council, it would automatically change the dynamic. I think inserting myself into the mix will really mix things up and get things going in a different direction.”