Worried about a tree damaged by winter storms? Hazardous tree removal – the basics

In some cases, permits or authorization are required before tree removal.

With the winter storms that have pounded Campbell River this season, residents might be wondering if their trees are safe.

The City of Campbell River reminds people considering removing a tree damaged by the storms that, in some cases, permits or authorization are required before tree removal.

If you are concerned about a hazardous tree on your private property, please refer to the Sustainable Official Community Plan (SOCP), Bylaw No. 3475 (http://sustainablecampbellriver.ca/?p=633) to determine if you will require any permits or authorization before removal. The SOCP designates development permit areas to protect the natural environment and ensure that hazardous areas are not compromised.

You will require a permit or authorization from the City to remove a tree if it:

  • is near to an eagle nest tree (within 60 metres); and/or
  • is located on or adjacent to a slope; and/or
  • is adjoining a stream (within 50 metres) or the ocean foreshore (within 30 metres).

See the Land Use Department at City Hall, 301 St Ann’s Road or call 250-286-5745 if any of the above applies to you.

If people have concerns about a tree on a road right of way or City property, they should contact the City’s Dogwood Operations Centre to have the tree added to a list for assessment.

If a tree is on private property and not within a development permit area as described above, tree retention or removal is the responsibility of the homeowner.

To find out more about tree protection and the City of Campbell River Urban Forest Management Plan, please go to our website at: www.campbellriver.ca/Residents/Greencity.

People can also learn more about tree topping, particularly, how topping a tree can affect its health and stability, on the City’s website.