Willis Road residents waiting for flood relief

Pooling water from the property to the south and to the west of his home all drain onto his yard

Campbell River resident Wendell Ross had just one question for council at Monday’s financial planning session.

“I’d like to know, when will council be ready to address the issue of flooding on Willis Road?” said Ross, who got straight to the point during his presentation to council.

The senior, who lives near the corner of Willis and Petersen Road, said he’s tired of his yard getting flooded out year after year.

“My taxes keep going up and nothing has been done to fix the problem,” Ross said. “My driveway is cracked and sinking, the property is losing value every year but my taxes don’t reflect that.

“Please do something to help us,” Ross appealed to council.

Coun. Ron Kerr asked Ross if any ditch work has been done at the front of his house.

Ross said while some work has been done, it hasn’t cured the problem.

He said the issue is that pooling water from the property to the south and to the west of his home all drain onto his yard.

“All of the water that accumulates in these two areas has to drain onto our property,” Ross said. “The ditch can’t handle all the water. It’s been an ongoing problem for a few years.

“We’ve only lived here three years but it seems to be getting worse.”

And Ross isn’t the first to come forward.

There have been complaints in the past from Willis and Petersen Road residents about flooding in the area.

Last October, Petersen Road resident Ken Seeley lost a significant portion of his yard during torrential rains. The bank behind his home came down into his neighbour’s yard, bringing with it some mature fruit trees.

Mayor Andy Adams said it’s a problem that most on council are well aware of.

“For some of us that have been on council for awhile, we’re certainly aware of issues up at Quinsam Heights and the storm water management issues,” Adams said.

“This past year was exceptional as far as the problem, with the amount of rainfall we had. I know some of the city staff were up on Willis Road trying to stem the tide.

“We’ll have staff continue to take a look at it.”

Adams said he’s heard people question why the city didn’t apply to the Build Canada grant program to help fix the drainage issues in the Willis area; the city instead chose to go with Highway 19A upgrades.

“While we would have liked to consider (Willis), unfortunately it exceeded the budget limits for the intake of Build Canada for this year,” Adams said. “But that doesn’t mean staff aren’t continuing to take a look at it, including your property.”