Weekly RCMP update: Bike thefts and persistent driving while prohibited

Campbell River RCMP detachment seeing bicycle theft as an ongoing concern

Theft of bicycles continues to be a concern in Campbell River, the RCMP say.

Most of these bicycles seem to be taken from yards or bike racks where they have been left unattended or unlocked, but there have been two instances in the last month where bicycles have been stolen from riders in the brief few minutes they’ve left their bikes on a trail while they take a brief respite in the bush on foot.

Two of these instances have occurred in Beaver Lodge Lands with the owners of the bicycles being away from their bikes only two or three minutes.

“Unfortunately, this means someone is wandering the Beaver Lodge Lands, hoping to locate unattended bicycles, and take off with them,” said Const. Maury Tyre. “All we can tell people is don’t take your eyes off your belongings, if it’s not locked or bolted down it can be gone in seconds. In addition, if you value your belongings, please keep serial numbers somewhere. Most of our stolen bicycle reports have no serial numbers and it makes it very difficult to verify the ownership of a recovered bicycle.”

Driving While Prohibited; some people just fail to understand the rules

One driver in Campbell River has been apprehended three times since June 16 for operating a vehicle while disqualified from doing so.

“It may seem like a relatively minor offence,” said Const. Tyre, “but the reality is, the person had to have made enough driving errors to lose their licence in the first place. That means the driver is just not safe to be on the roads and continually chooses to violate the rules that most people diligently follow. This person puts people’s lives at risk every time he’s behind the wheel.”

If you know of someone driving that shouldn’t be or wish to report any other crime, please contact the Campbell River RCMP at 250-286-6221.

Service update

The Campbell River RCMP had responded to 8,336 calls for service by July 9th, 2020. With 357 calls for service from July 3 through July 9, it would seem that summertime has definitely arrived.

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