A watermain break early Sunday rip up Cedar Street and flushed dirt and debris into the downtown.

Watermain break rips up street

Very early Sunday morning, a watermain broke on 9th Avenue at Cedar, and crews were out overnight working to stop the flow, repair the break and restore water service to affected residences.

“The running water caused significant damage to Cedar Street,” said city Utilities Manger Jennifer Peters.

In addition, dirt and gravel washed into storm sewers and onto downtown streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

Crews set up barricades in place to keep drivers off the damaged roadway and were working on Monday to restore safe access for Cedar Street residents.

City crews are also ensuring the storm sewers are clear and cleaning up mud and debris from the affected areas downtown.

Peters said it’s had to say at this point how much the clean up and repairs will cost the city.

“We need to do some further assessment of the infrastructure,” she said.

City crews dig up Cedar Street in order to repair it after a watermain broke early Sunday morning. Alistair Taylor/Campbell River Mirror