People are being warned to keep off the smaller of two viewing platforms at Dick Murphy Park.

Viewing platform cordoned off after being deemed a hazard

People are being warned to stay away from the wooden structure near Corilair

Caution tape is strung up across one of the viewing platforms at Dick Murphy Park.

People are being warned to stay away from the wooden structure near Corilair as it’s deteriorating to the point that it has been deemed a safety hazard.

Coun. Larry Samson said the support timbers underneath the deck are rotting.

“There is a concern you could go through the deck,” Samson said. “If there’s too many people, there’s concern it could collapse.”

Samson said he discovered the poor state of the structure when he was down at the park with his grandson. He mentioned it to city staff who discovered the support timbers were in bad shape.

Staff originally elected to hold off on repairs until next year’s budget planning but Samson didn’t want to wait.

“I thought it was too important,” Samson said. “It’s part of our Dick Murphy Park and it’s really a gem that park and it’s used by, if not hundreds, thousands of people and I thought it was too important to wait until next year.”

So at last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Samson put forward a motion to have staff undertake renovations and the rebuilding of the platform which comes off the northwest end of Tyee Spit.

“It was supported by all of council,” said Samson, who noted council has allocated up to $50,000 for repairs. “Council felt we have to keep up the infrastructure in our parks.”

The project will go out for a Request for Proposals and Samson is hopeful construction will only take a few weeks.

“The pilings into the river are in good condition which is good news,” Samson said. “It allows us to proceed without there being an environmental impact.

“Initial indications are that the support timbers – the logs underneath – will have to be replaced as well as the deck planks,” Samson added. “We’ll know more once we start dismantling the top deck.”