Two more taggers arrested

Campbell River Mounties continue their crackdown on teenage taggers

Campbell River Mounties continue their crackdown on teenage taggers.

Two more youths, ages 16 and 17, were arrested Friday, following an investigation by members of the RCMP Community Response Unit.

These two had been working together and are not associated with the other youth arrested on Oct. 10.

The two youths arrested are believed to be responsible for extensive spray painting damage around the city.

They were arrested Friday after police executed search warrants at their respective residences on Finch Road and Crawford Road.

The pair was brought in front of a Justice of the Peace and released on numerous conditions including to not possess tagging paraphernalia and being restricted to a curfew. Both will be facing numerous counts of mischief.

During the first arrest on Quinsam Road, officers seized spray paint and also discovered an indoor marijuana growing operation with 330 plants in various stages of growth. Two adult residents are facing charges in connection with the pot bust.

As for spray painters, police continue to photograph all tags on public and private property, and are pursuing more arrests.

“While tagging and graffiti in isolated incidents are not usually a crime of great severity in these instances the real damage caused by these three individuals…is estimated to be upwards of $50,000,” said RCMP Staff Sgt. Troy Beauregard in a news release. “The arrest of these three priority offenders in the last month makes up the majority and certainly the most prolific of those responsible for the incidents of tagging in Campbell River.”