Trevena’s third win tempered by Liberal majority

NDP's Claire Trevena captures the North Island riding again while Don McRae repeats for the Liberals in the Comox Valley

It’s looks like the status quo remains for the Comox Valley and North Island ridings.

As of 10:45 p.m. Tuesday, Liberal incumbent Don McRae was leading by almost 1,500 votes in the Comox Valley.

In the North Island, NDP incumbent Claire Trevena was on her way to a third straight election win, leading by 1,700 votes, but her victory speech was tempered by the Liberal’s majority government.

“Let’s be honest, it’s going to be a hard four years,” Trevena told supporters at the Campbell River Labour Hall. “All the things we talked about resonate with the people of the North Island. We will continue to work on the things that matter to the people of this riding.”

In the Valley, a bushed McRae was relieved to win over NDP challenger Kassandra Dycke who finished second.

“We’ve worked so hard in this campaign to identify our vote and get our vote out,” said McRae, “and I must say to residents of the Comox Valley, I’m sorry for all the phone calls.”

Trailing far behind in third in fourth respectively in the Valley were Green candidate Chris Aikman and Conservative Diane Hoffmann.

In the North Island, Liberal candidate Nick Facey was second and in a distant third was Conservative Bob Bray.

– with files from Mark Allan/Comox Valley Record