Toughest job in the world

I’ve had a Mother for just over 48 years and until recently I never realized how truly tough that job could be.

It wasn’t like I didn’t appreciate my Mom, but always kind of assumed that she liked driving me all over the lower mainland to lacrosse games, taking me to the hospital on a regular basis after my stupid stunts, or hanging out in the gym watching me “act” in a school play. Never mind just keeping me fed, clothed and generally happy my entire youth. Sorry Mom!

Even when Chenoa and I had a kid ourselves I didn’t realize how much extra work Chenoa took on, it just all happened. But five months ago we had a second kid and WHOA did things change. I have to admit that its not that much harder for me short of way less sleep, but being a Mother of two..or more for many of you, is tough. I can’t imagine any job with higher expectations and a lower level of appreciation.

For all you sons and daughters out there…or husbands, you can see the stress building up and its not like Mom gets two weeks vacation every summer.

I am sure every Mom has a way of finding their own down time. At my house when Chenoa is getting dragged down by the kids, nothing relaxes her more than a good bike ride. Sometimes she rips on the road bike for an hour and sweats it out, sometimes a relaxing spin in the trails is the perfect solution and a beach cruise along the ocean is a saviour on a sunny day.

I think the combination of pedalling, fresh air and some much needed time away from the kids…and me, is the perfect recipe to bring back some semblance of being a normal person again, even if it is for a short time. When Chenoa comes back from a ride she is smiling, relaxed and ready to tackle it all again. Even getting out for a ride with the kids relaxes her…and it calms the rug rats down as well.

So Mother’s day is coming up fast and if you’re anything like me you’ll apologize to your Mother for taking her for granted all those years, and just as importantly, get your wife out for a nice relaxing bike ride…and don’t forget flowers!


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’…home, so Chenoa can ride…

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