Tim Horton’s proposes new Willow Point store

Plans are underway for a third Campbell River Tim Horton’s – in Willow Point.

Plans are underway for a Tim Horton’s in Willow Point.

If the proposal is approved by city council, it will be a third location for owners Dave and Cathy Paquin – joining the downtown and Merecroft Village stores.

Kathleen Wilker, city planner, said the owners want to build the new Tim’s on the empty lot next to Woofy’s Pet Foods.

“The applicant intends to construct a Tim Horton’s restaurant with a 24-hour drive-thru at 2072 South Island Highway in Willow Point,” Wilker wrote in a report to council. “Staff has worked closely with the owner and agent on a development concept that meets the goals of the applicant and contributes to the village feel of Willow Point.”

Wilker said the owners have agreed to deviate from “generic corporate standards” so that the building will match the Willow Point Village Centre image.

“The proposed Willow Point Tim Horton’s project attempts to create a pedestrian friendly development by locating the building close to the front property line with a patio area out front, access to the public sidewalk and parking at the rear,” Wilker said.

However, there are still a few issues that city staff want council to address.

A few homes on Dalton Road back the far end of the proposed Tim Horton’s site and Wilker said the drive-thru could be a potential nuisance for residents if not properly addressed.

“Drive-thru facilities are well known for generating noise and smell from vehicle idling and order-board speakers,” Wilker said. “This has not been completely addressed and staff has concerns regarding the impact on adjacent residential properties along the west side. The applicant has indicated the Tim Horton’s corporation is aware of the noise generated from the speakers and has implemented volume restriction corresponding with the time of day (quieter at night).”

Still, Wilker said mitigating sound “is critical to avoid undue hardship on adjacent residential properties” and was recommending council, at its Tuesday meeting after the Mirror went to press, approve a development permit for Tim Horton’s with the condition that the owners have a sound attenuation report done by an acoustic engineer.

The city also requires that the owners remove the Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry and knotweed that’s growing on the property, with the assistance of a qualified environmental professional once the project gets to the building permit stage.

Wilker said overall the new restaurant will fit nicely in the city’s southern end.

“The proposed development will complement the village feel of the Willow Point area,” Wilker said. “The applicant has worked with staff to achieve a design program that fits the general form and character of the neighbourhood.”