The beautification of Willow Point

It will be a banner year for Willow Point in 2016.

That’s because the Willow Point Improvement Area Society plans to hang 35 large painted banners to help beautify the community.

The 60 by 25 inch banners are intended to be suspended from the light standards that line the Island Highway as it passes through the city’s southern end.

City Clerk Peter Wipper said the banners would be made from a durable all-weather material so they can hang during the fall, winter and spring months, when the usual banners are taken down to protect them from inclement weather.

“A number of banners could be left in place during the summer season when the Arts Council, Shoreline Arts and city banners are displayed,” Wipper said.

The project is expected to cost $6,400, which includes printing of the banners, and fees to the artist who designs the banners.

The money will come from a $10,000 grant that city council set aside for each of four community groups – the Downtown Heart of the City Business Improvement Area Association, the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, the Pier Street Association, and the Willow Point Improvement Area Society – in order to clean-up and beautify their respective areas.

In addition to the banners, the Willow Point group is also planning to re-landscape two garden beds at Ken Forde Park, which marks the entrance to the Willow Point area.

The bed with the Willow Point sign is expected to cost $1,608 while the other is estimated to cost $1,987.

Both garden beds are proposed to be planted with drought and deer resistant plantings that are low maintenance.

Council, at its last council meeting, signed off on the Willow Point group’s work and approved a partnering agreement which enables the $10,000 transfer to the improvement association.

That legal agreement allows city council to financially assist the community groups in their beautification efforts that are carried out on city property.