That’s a school zone, slow down!

Motorists can expect to see more RCMP officers looking for speeders when school resumes on Tuesday

Drivers can expect to see more Mounties and Citizens on Patrol watching Campbell River streets next week when kids head back to school.

RCMP officers will be out in full force for the opening week of school to patrol the crosswalks and school zones in Campbell river.

Police will be watching for speeders, and they won’t be handing out warnings. Tickets start at $196, and move up from there.

The RCMP is asking the public to be mindful that the school zones are now back in effect and to be watchful for school children along their route.

Inattentive driving is now the number two cause of injury and death, after impaired driving. As a driver, your full attention must be on the driving task at all times.

School zone speed limits are in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during school days and the posted speed is 30 km/hour. Playground zones are also in effect from dawn to dusk everyday and are also 30 km/hr.

The Campbell River Citizens on Patrol will be assisting the RCMP in Speed Watch activities. Citizen’s On Patrol involvement enhances public safety awareness. It also raises driver’s awareness by presenting a visual display of their respective speeds. Reading the display board acts as reinforcement for drivers who adhere to posted speed limits and can also act as a wake up call for drivers who exceed the speed limit.