Take a Tidemark Theatre seat

The seats at Campbell River's Tidemark Theatre are going up for sale

The seats at the Tidemark Theatre are going up for sale.

Council agreed last week to the Tidemark Theatre Society’s request to sell the old chairs using the theatre’s new ticketing system.

At last week’s Tuesday council meeting, Coun. Andy Adams moved the motion which also stipulated that any proceeds from the sale should go towards Tidemark Theatre capital projects, namely renovating the concession.

Kim Emsley-Leik, managing director of the Tidemark Theatre Society, told council that the seats are the property of the city and it was up to council what became of the chairs.

“The disposal or sale of the seats is currently city of Campbell River responsibility,” Emsley-Leik said. “In an effort to facilitate this process and to continue to partner with the city of Campbell River on this project, I would like to recommend that council consider using the new theatre manager ticketing system we have recently installed in the theatre to sell the seats.”

The seats will be removed from the theatre starting July 1 as renovations get underway. All of the theatre chairs will be reaplced and the house will be re-painted and re-carpeted. It’s part of the theatre’s T25 Campaign which also includes upgrades to the lighting and online ticketing system, and the purchase of a new projection system.