The Tahsis municipal wharf will remain closed to pedestrians and vessels. (Village of Tahsis)

Tahsis municipal wharf on brink of collapse, closed to public

Engineering report recommends either demolition or extensive repair of the wharf before it can be accessed again

The municipal wharf in Tahsis will remain closed to public after the council passed a resolution prohibiting people and vessels from accessing the wharf which is on the verge of collapse.

Barriers have been erected and signs have been posted along the area to prevent access, said Mark Tatchell, chief administrative officer of the village of Tahsis.

The decision was made after an inspection of the wharf by engineers from McElhanney Ltd, a firm that had assessed and monitored the wharf since 2019.

The report of the inspection completed on May 11, suggested that the dock surface could potentially be subject to collapse in the future. While noting the deteriorating state of the wharf, the report identified that either demolition or extensive repairs were required within a year or two.

The collapse of the wharf deck panels and pile caps into the ocean would be in violation of the Federal Fisheries Act. To prevent this, a controlled demolition of the wharf structure including disposal of the creosote timber elements in an approved facility by a qualified and experienced contractor was recommended.

It was also recommended that no vehicles be permitted on the wharf and that pedestrian loads be kept at minimum.

The firm also suggested all usage of the wharf be discontinued and vessels be located to nearby marine facilities such as Airplane Dock.

Mayor Martin Davis, in a written report from the council meeting on July 7, indicated that the council is looking at replacement options. He also hinted that the cost could run over a million dollars, a heavy amount for Tahsis’ taxpayers.

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