Kristen Douglas/Campbell River Mirror file photo The regional district is undertaking a $21.8 million overhaul of Strathcona Gardens in the next few years.

Study into overhaul of Campbell River’s Strathcona Gardens nearing completion

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) is continuing its planning efforts to revitalize the Strathcona Gardens recreation complex. The project, called REC-REATE Strathcona Gardens, is investigating how best to renew the facility to address aging infrastructure and deliver recreation services in an exciting, modern, safe and inclusive environment.

In November of 2016, the SRD commissioned a feasibility study to test and refine the preferred concept plan, ensuring that it meets the needs of the community and is technically feasible, makes the most financial sense and enables efficient operations of the facility.

The feasibility study phase included additional opportunities for public consultation, a building condition assessment, pool basin investigations, seismic review, geo-technical testing and business case analysis.

In May, a refined concept with new illustrations and cost estimates was presented at two public information sessions held at the facility, with additional presentations to the REC-REATE community advisory group, facility user groups, the Strathcona Gardens Commission and staff.

The SRD’s Special Projects and Sustainability Manager, Victoria Smith, noted that the feasibility study phase has been invaluable to ensuring that decision makers have the best possible information in order to contemplate such an important investment.

“We appreciate the support of the Commission and SRD board of directors to enable careful project planning,” Smith said. “We have a much better sense of the current condition of the facility, we know the opportunities that exist for future upgrades and programming and we have been able to build relationships with facility users to better understand their needs.”

“The Commission appreciates the time and effort the community has made to review the concepts and make comments. It has certainly made our planning process much richer,” said Michele Babchuk, chair of the Strathcona Gardens Commission. “We are always interested in hearing about how best to plan for the future of this well-loved facility to ensure it meets the community’s needs now and into the future.”

The project team presented the feasibility study and a full summary of the feedback received to the Commission at its June 7 meeting. The Commission will now consider next steps for the project.

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