Richard Franklin and John Kerr were re-elected to their positions as Board Chair and Vice-Chair during the final meeting of the calendar year for the Campbell River School Board.

Status quo for Campbell River School Board chairs

Franklin and Kerr elected for another one-year term

There won’t be any new seat assignments for the Campbell River School Board.

The board voted on who would fill the board chairperson and vice-chairperson roles in 2020 during its final meeting of the calendar year on Dec. 10.

Board Chairperson Richard Franklin won by acclamation. John Kerr is returning to the vice-chair seat.

Susan Wilson had been nominated by Daryl Hagen for the role of vice-chair, but she didn’t accept the nomination.

“Thank you for the nomination Daryl, but I’m afraid I just have too many other commitments at this point,” she said.

Kerr won by acclamation.

In his board chair remarks following the vote, Franklin thanked the board for awarding him the position once again, but urged movement moving forward.

“I am very happy to serve as your chair for one more year and will ask that trustees consider their candidacy for the chairperson next year,” he said. “I believe it is a good thing to build capacity of all our members and that requires movement in the position of chair.

“I’m very honoured to serve a board that I believe each and every elected trustee comes to the table with the very best intentions for our students and our system.”

Trustee Kat Eddy was absent from the meeting.

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