Stalled subdivision may proceed

Phase two of a multi-family complex, that was abandoned by the original developer, may still go ahead in Campbell River

Phase two of a multi-family complex, that was abandoned by the original developer, may still go ahead.

The owner of 28 South McPhedran Rd., at the corner of Evergreen, has found a new developer interested in picking up where the previous builder left off.

“The development is meant as a second phase for an earlier development that was completed roughly four years ago (condos at 48 S. McPhedran),” said Mark DeGagne, agent, at the July 8 council meeting.

But in order to build the second phase of strata complexes, the developer wants the city to agree to rezone the entire property to one single zoning – RM1 which permits single family dwellings.

The property currently has an R2 zoning (single family or duplex) in the northwest corner as well as a PA1 zoning. The PA1 zoning was put on the site in 1994 in order to create a conservation area around Nunns Creek which diagonally bisects the property.

However, DeGagne said the zoning does not guarantee protection as part of the creek lies outside the PA-1 zoning.

DeGagne is in the process of having an environmental assessment done on the site which, he said, will lead to stronger protection for Nunns Creek.

“Under the RAR (Riparian Areas Regulation), the creek would be better protected with a stream side protection enhancement area that would actually cover the creek,” DeGagne said.

Coun. Larry Samson asked if the owner would be in favour of adding a restrictive covenant to the property, as city staff have recommended in combination with a streamside development permit.

DeGagne said he believes a restrictive covenant is not needed.

“I don’t think that’s necessary because the RAR legislation, as I understand it, would impose a no-build zone within that determined streamside protection area,” he said.

If the development is approved – a public hearing needs to be held first – construction is expected to begin by fall.