Stabbing fib doesn’t go far with police

Told medical staff he had been jumped and stabbed by unknown assailants

It wasn’t a very good lie.

With blood dripping from his hand, cut on the glass window he broke while breaking to the hospital Thrift Store, Darren Mould told medical staff he had been jumped and stabbed by unknown assailants.

It was in the early morning hours of Aug. 25, 2012, and Mould was now in the Campbell River Hospital, waiting to have his wounded hand attended to. His story about being stabbed was quickly passed along to RCMP who were already nearby investigating the Thrift Store break-in. They also watched Mould on surveillance video as he pocketed costume jewelry during the B&E.

When confronted by officers in Emergency, Mould tried out his story, but when the stolen costume jewelry was found in his pocket, he ‘fessed up to the deed. But the trouble didn’t end there for the 20-year-old. On Dec. 5, 2012, he failed to report to his bail supervisor. On Dec. 16, he was seen riding an all-terrain vehicle on 7th Avenue, when he didn’t have a driver’s licence. The final incident happened on the night of Dec. 28, when Mould assaulted his cousin. Mould, who was intoxicated on cheap sherry, was seen by a neighbour banging the young woman’s head against a brick wall.

Mould fled the scene by the time Mounties arrived, but a police dog tracked him to a nearby residence.

Mould has been in custody since then. On Monday, in Campbell River provincial court, he entered guilty pleas to break and enter, assault, failing to report, and driving with a suspended licence. He was given global sentence of five months, less 35 days for time already served. Mould also admitted he has a drinking problem and wants to seek treatment following his release from jail.

He also plans to resume logging and has the support of his employer.