SPCA resident needs help to get surgery

Help Penny, a seven-month-old dog, at the Campbell River SPCA who requires an operation

Seven-month-old Penny requires ligament surgery. The border collie mix currently resides at the SPCA shelter and needs help from the public to get her operation as well as a new home.

The BC SPCA Campbell River Branch is seeking the public’s help to fund urgently needed surgery for Penny, a seven-month-old border collie mix.

Penny requires canine cruciate ligament surgery for her left hind knee. If left untreated, Penny’s injury will likely cause crippling arthritic problems for her in the future.

Campbell River branch manager, Kathleen Embree, says the surgery is absolutely essential for Penny’s well being.

“At this young age, Penny has the potential to live a happy, healthy life if she receives the surgery. However, if left untreated, this type of condition only gets worse,” she says.

Unfortunately, the cost of Penny’s surgery is $1,180.

“This includes a significant discount already provided by the veterinarian but it is just beyond our ability to pay at this time given all the other animals in our care,” says Embree.

Each year the Campbell River SPCA Branch rescues nearly 1,200 abused, neglect, injured and homeless animals.

Embree says Penny was originally surrendered to the SPCA because her former guardian said she had become “too big,” but is otherwise a wonderful, happy puppy.

“If Penny receives surgery, she will make an excellent companion for a loving guardian who has experience with high-energy dogs – and has plenty of energy themselves,” says Embree.  “We really need the public’s support to help us care for Penny and so many other wonderful animals at our shelter.”

If you can help, call 250-286-6131. Please visit the Campbell River SPCA shelter at 490 Merecroft Rd. or visit spca.bc.ca/support.