Sound abatement still won’t muffle residents

Improvements to minimize noise from pole peeling plant in north Campbell River are expected to completed this week

The owner of a controversial pole peeler on Duncan Bay Road will attempt to reduce the operating noise by today.

The city received plant modification plans last week to reduce noise coming from Northern Pressure Treated Wood and owner Mike McCollough was hopeful to have the work completed this week.

“This will allow the company to install noise-reducing improvements as soon as possible,” said Ross Blackwell, the city’s land use manager.

In March, McCollough  said he would implement recommendations from a sound consultant in an attempt to lower the volume on the peeler, which emits a high-pitch buzzing sound when running.

Nearby resident Corinne Matheson compares the noise to “Chinese water torture.”

She is one of about 20 area residents exasperated by the noise and is doubtful the sound abatement measures won’t solve anything.

“The fact the pole plant is doing the noise abatement – after four months – is distressing to us,” said Tracey Deller, co-owner of Blue Spruce Home Park, located next door to the operation.

“The city is looking at only one issue, the noise from the peeler. We have been complaining about all the other noise from this business as well – the crashing and banging and thundering sounds of the long poles dropping, the heavy equipment.”

Once the modifications are completed, the owner will provide a letter sealed by the sound consultant certifying the recommendations outlined in its report have been fully implemented.