Secretary-treasurer Kevin Patrick asked the board to reschedule their Feb. 11 meeting to Feb. 25 so the finance team had more time to put together the final 2019/20 budget. File photo

SD72 finance department asks for extra time to complete 2019/20 final budget

Original Feb. 11 deadline was too tight, was amended to Feb. 25

The Campbell River School Board has approved a schedule change for two upcoming meetings.

The change follows School District 72 Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Patrick’s request to reschedule the Feb. 11 meeting to Feb. 25 to allow sufficient time for the finance team to prepare the final 2019/20 budget ahead of the province’s Feb. 28 deadline.

Patrick said the original lone February meeting on the 11th was setting them up for “quite an ambitious deadline.” When the original meeting schedule was proposed, they had the staff needed to make it work. However, since then, there’s been a retirement and new staff in the department.

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“We could really use some extra time,” said Patrick. “That delay back to the 25th will be sufficient to give some time for a really good, thorough budget.”

That schedule change would have seen the next meeting of March 3 happen the following week, rather quick turnaround for the board’s usual one or two meetings per month, or be cancelled altogether.

Trustee Joyce McMann said she felt that it was quite a gap to go from Feb. 25 to March 24 without a meeting, but was happy with a March 10 meeting rather than cancelling it outright.

The district’s March break, from March 16- 20 further complicated a schedule change.

Ultimately it was decided to move the Feb. 11 meeting to Feb. 25 and the March 3 meeting to March 10.


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