SD72 board approves three BAA courses for non-native English speakers

Courses had been redesigned to align with B.C’s redesigned curriculum

The Campbell River School Board has approved three more courses for non-native English speakers.

The Board Authority Authorized (BAA) courses English Language and Canadian Culture 11A, 11B and 12, existed previously, but were re-designed to align with the re-designed B.C. curriculum that is organized around the “Know-Do-Understand” model.

The courses are offered at both Carihi and Timberline Secondary Schools.

Developed by Kim Stix, the courses were “created to assist students in developing their English language proficiency (both oral and written), to teach students language strategies which can be implemented across the curriculum, and to familiarize students with British Columbia and Canadian culture,” the course synopsis says.

Trustee Joyce McMann said she understood the courses could be useful in a number of situations, including for students from whom English is a second language.

Trustee Kat Eddy agreed.

“As someone who works with populations new to Canada who can’t support their children’s academic accomplishments because they don’t themselves have language, I think that as a school district, we really do hold a responsibility to offer courses such as this,” she said. “I’m glad to see that it’s been redesigned to realign with the curriculum because it is very important even though we have a small student body, it is very important to those families.”

The board passed a motion to add the redesigned courses to the district’s course offerings.


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