The Cortes Island School had its name change approved by the School District 72 school board during a Sept. 24. meeting. The school used to be called Cortes Island Elementary Junior Secondary School, but has dropped ‘Elementary Junior Secondary’ from its name. Photo by Brent Wilken

School board approves Cortes Island School name change

“I think that it’s more representative of who we are as a school community,” says principal

A Cortes Island School will take up less room when its name is written on paperwork.

The Cortes Island Junior Secondary School became Cortes Island School when the name change was approved at a Sept. 24 school board meeting in Campbell River.

Trustee John Kerr, who was principal at the school from 2007 to 2009 said everyone always referred to it as Cortes Island School.

“That was the general usage,” he said. “It’s a great little school.”

Trustee Susan Wilson said she’s been aware of the consideration to change the school’s name for some time.

“It has ebbed and flowed in its urgency and it’s really nice that it is at a point where the community supports the change,” she said. “It’s just logical, so let’s do it.”

Trustees heard that the school had consulted with local stakeholders and all appeared to be in favour of the name change.

The motion was brought forward by Superintendent Jeremy Morrow. It passed unanimously.

Principal Brent Wilken was pleased the name change was approved.

“I think that it’s more representative of who we are as a school community,” he said. “The name was a little antiquated with the inclusion of junior secondary. We don’t even have that designation in the district anymore. It was a bit of a throwback.”

He joked that they’d be able to now “squeeze our name into the paperwork we have to file.”

The school’s signage won’t need to change as it was removed two years ago when the roof underwent upgrades.

The school is in the process of designing a new sign, which will incorporate a heron graphic created by Haida artist April White.

The kindergarten to Grade 9 school has 55 students this year.

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