At the first council meeting since COVID-19 closure, the village of Sayward witnessed its share of drama. (Submitted photo)

Sayward appoints new election officer ahead of November byelections

A tentative date for the byelection has been set for Nov.21

Village of Sayward appointed a new chief election officer, Eileen Lovestrom, ahead of the scheduled byelection to be held in November.

The tentative date for the byelection is set for Nov. 21, where a mayor and new council will be elected after a series of resignations followed since March.

The elected mayor, John MacDonald, resigned on March 13 and subsequently the acting mayor Joyce Ellis resigned on March 19.

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This was followed by the resignation of the chief financial officer and chief administrative officer.

Sayward was briefly left with a governance vacuum during the pandemic until Coun. Bill Ives was voted by council members as the acting mayor towards the end of April.

However Ives had to step down after a vote of no confidence was passed against him in June.

Currently, Coun. Norm Kirschner is serving as the acting mayor of Sayward.

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