Please join me in raising your snow shovels for Superhero Neighbour Brian McCabe! He cleared our driveway not just one


Readers to say thanks to those friends, neighbours and family members that picked up a shovel to help dig them out of the snow

Before this incredible winter passes and is just a memory, I would like to Thank those neighbours who came over and helped me shovel snow. Cory, Monty and Ben and his son Sacha were there offering their help and it was heart-warming. Thanks again, Guys. – Carol W.


What do you do when almost 3 ft. of snow falls and you are elderly, sick or otherwise not capable of clearing your walks and driveways yourself? That’s when local neighbourhood Heroes step in, and I want to express my deep appreciation for a man that we call “Mr. Bobcat Man” who has been doing random acts of kindness in the Galerno/Rockland neighbourhood. With his bobcat, he cleared the snow on my 100 ft. driveway as well as my 85-year old neighbour’s driveway, cleared the public sidewalks and then was later seen on Passage view, clearing the road. All this while, refusing to accept compensation, simply stating that it was “random acts of kindness day.” From all of us, Thank you Mr. Bobcat Man.


It was a really tuff week for me with all the snow , my hubby was working away but thanks to a few people a stranger named Andy who offer to dig my driveway out to my neighbor that help me dig out the second time than my brother who came with his bobcat and cleared my driveway. Thank you for all the wonderful help. – Susan Stewart.


I would like to acknowledge my snow hero, Gordie Parker.  We’ve had more than our share of troubles over the past year; I thought it was coming to an end and then the snow came and came and came.  I was booked for a post surgical MRI on the Friday and kept hoping the street would get cleared but no luck.  Our neighbour Gordie stepped up and offered to get us there in his big 4X4. It was no easy task as we slid sideways down our road, pushing ice, snow, and whatever just to get to the highway but he got us to the hospital and my appointment then picked us up and took us home.  It meant more than words can express.  Good neighbours are priceless. Thanks, Gord…’re our hero!


Lee and Sophie Simmons were our local snow heroes. They helped three of their neighbours get their vehicles free of the cursed white stuff, and aided in making their walks safer for pedestrians. Lee and Sophie are two of my heroes. – Pete Cassidy.


I am a single senior with COPD and a long driveway on Crawford Road.  The snowfall we had in early December brought our my first hero – Tyler McFarlan who dug me out on three separate occasions.  The recent snowfall produced my second hero, Nelson Christensen, a former neighbour, who plowed me out twice before he broke the winch on his quad.  My next door neighbour Luger Robichaud also helped keep the snow cleared as well.  Thank you all so very much!! – Lillian Aydon


We had our snow heroes arrive from the Salvation Army Church.  A wonderful man and his teenage son shovelled our driveway to perfection.  They were reluctant to take any money but we insisted so they said they were donating the money to the Church. We were very thankful for their assistance.  – Lois & Ed Jarvis

These kids on Engels Road shovelled a few driveways for people for free – helped out a few neighbours. Good Karma 🙂 – Sarah Rose.


The snow heroes our neighbours the Hermans and also Abe who out of the goodness of their hearts snow ploughed our very long driveway in the midst of a huge snow storm.  Thank you so very much. – The Medings


I have two big heroes to thank.  One is our neighbor, Trent Moren, who came by and made sure that our driveway was clear, and especially the end by the street before I got home from work each night.  I can’t thank him enough!  The other is a lady, I’ve forgotten her name (starts with an L), who said she lives at the corner of Francis and Alder.  She stopped on Thursday morning and helped to dig me out of the snow drift at the end of my driveway.  I stuck solid on it.  She shoveled and was just so positive and pleasant.  I can’t thank her enough either!  What a great city I live in! – Barbara L. Wyatt


A special thank you to my neighbor Janice who shoveled out my carport entrance several times, when the plow went by. So nice to have a good neighbor. Thank you. – June.


The residents of Vista Bay Drive would like to thank Alan Edie who worked for hours to clear our street with his backhoe. Thumbs up Mr. Edie and thank you so much! – Christy


Serendipity in the Mall – Our snow HEROS are our amazing customers who have been so understanding with the fact that our business had to be closed for THREE DAYS last week, due to the fact that we were unable to get our car out of our driveway and get to work. Thank you so much for your understanding, and we can’t wait to get back to normal business this week!


Melissa Burns – All we know is this gentleman’s name is Allen. He spent most of Saturday digging out our whole neighborhood. Huge thank you from everyone.


Ashley Evans – I’d have to say the snow plow driver on Friday night on Alpine Road. I didn’t get his name though…He stopped and grabbed his shovel from the cab of his truck and helped dig out a stuck car with the help of a few others. He was so cheerful and friendly. He must have been so busy and worked a long day by this point it was like 8 p.m.… so nice of him to get out and help!


Sarah Yasinski – My snow angels are my neighbours and myself came together in our condo complex and dug cars out and cleaned up our driveway so cars could get out or emergency vehicles could get down.


Sheri Drover – The staff at the Campbell River Hospital who pulled together to pick each other up, arrange rides, clear each other’s vehicles, stayed late to fill in while we filled the holes for those who couldn’t get in! Amazing! A multitalented, bighearted group of people that pulled together to ensure we never missed a beat. Proud to work with them all.


Bette Valentine – Our neighbour John, on the corner of Hemlock and Seaview streets in Sayward who dug us all out with his little tractor. Many thanks John for your kindness in helping us,it was much appreciated!


Jodi Howden – My snow hero is my neighbor Jim. He’s a hard working truck driver but made time to get his snow blower out & cleared the side walk in front of mine & his place. Did my drive way, his & 2 other driveways across the street, thank you!


Tanya Hughes – Hamish and James spent many hours plowing and shovelling driveways and our Owen Place cul de sac so neighbours to get in and out to work and doctors appointments.


Sara Elizabeth Plamondon – I’m not sure of his name but our neighbour on Varsity across from College Drive spent hours shovelling out the corner so people wouldn’t get stuck trying to turn the corner! Hero!


Tim Morley – My snow hero is all the people in our cul de sac that got together and shovelled the entire road so people could make it up the hill to their homes while the city utterly failed during the last snowfall…thank you to all the people of Doe Place…I have the best neighbours.


Sherrill Stone – My hero is Merv Watkins who plowed our street Shoreline Drive plus personal driveways , at least three times during the “snow week”! Thank you


Shelly Bridge – My snow hero is my son Jeremy who lives in Alberta he was concerned that I could not get out of my house with my car, he called his friend Tanner Holmes to see if he could help me Tanner offered to come shovel me out but I said no a 50’ driveway can’t be done by hand so he called a friend who lived in my area and this friend called Mr Lihou who lived a couple blocks from me he came up with his machine and cleared a path for me to get out as I had been stuck for four days he also brought two of his buddies to help I was so grateful to all that helped me, I also have to thank glen and Pam Vanhorne and Jessie Drover for helping me shovel the driveway wider for the motorhome I bought to fit it in the driveway I know the town of Campbell River was all frustrated with mother natures wrath but in the end we all survived it by the kindness of others


Kim Brown – My Dad, Glen Van Horne. Dad plowed (by hand) numerous friends, neighbours and people in need’s driveways over and over again during the crazy CR snowfall of February 2017. Dad, YOU’RE amazing!


Martina Hilbrecht – We can always count on Five Star to dig out the residents in the community of Oyster Bay. The plow comes down the hi way and blocks off everyone’s entrances with snow and Five Star clears the way out for us. A big Shout Out and Thank you to Five Star


Maureen Ritter – The guy on the Kubota on Heather Road in Black Creek! He rocked it non stop….. 🙂


Linda Moore – The ‘hot chocolate’ ladies who stopped all along Alder to offer shovelers a treat. Lifted spirits while we lifted snow.


Susan Argast –  Thanks to Colin and Georgina our personal snow elves.


My snow heroes are my Arnason Road neighbours who twice helped dig out my car as I tried to get in and out of my house going to work and other places. In addition, I got stuck a third time entering my street at 12:30 a.m. returning from dropping a family member off to work. But that’s when two guys passing by in a big red pickup stopped and one guy pulled out a shovel and dug me out again. Thanks to all for the assistance. Awesome neighbourhood. – Alistair Taylor.