Christina Nyman and her twin sister Georgina Debolt (top and bottom photos) returned the salmon carcasses to the ocean on cedar woven mats at the Salmon Ceremony on June 18 at Cape Mudge. (Below) Chief Dr. Robert Joseph lead the ceremony.

Sacred Salmon Ceremony returns to Cape Mudge

Despite the drizzle on Saturday afternoon hundreds turned up for the first Salmon Ceremony at Cape Mudge in more than 30 years.

Dr. Chief Robert Joseph lead the ceremony. He explained that salmon are held in high esteem in the community because they give themselves up to sustain the population.

One of the main ideas behind the salmon ceremony is that when the salmon are given the proper respect and treatment they will return to their people and say good things and the salmon will return again the following year.

Christina Nyman and Georgina Debolt are twins. They carried the salmon remains on cedar woven mats back to the ocean. Joseph said that twins are thought to be the human incarnates of salmon, thus their importance in the ceremony. The proceedings ended with the salmon dance performed by children and women alike dressed in brightly coloured regalia.

Following the ceremony everyone was invited to the community hall for a salmon feast.