The road across the John Hart dam will need to be closed for the day on July 23, and possibly another day sometime between July 27 and 31. Mirror File Photo

Road over John Hart Dam to close again for a day

Depending on the results of the first day of work, a second day of closure may also take place

BC Hydro is letting the public know that the road over the dam will be closed again. At least for a day.

“Our crews will need to close Brewster Lake Road for two days to install the metal stop logs at the new water intake within the John Hart Dam as part of the John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project,” says Stephen Watson of BC Hydro. “The metal stop logs are lowered down within slots and are designed to close off water supply to the new underground tunnel system. This is to assist with scheduled maintenance work and to isolate equipment.”

To move in crane equipment and safely complete the stop log work, the road across the John Hart Dam will be closed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 23. Depending on the results of the first day of work, and the type of equipment that may be needed, a second day of closure will take place “sometime between July 27 and 31.”

Advance road closure signage is being placed on both sides of the dam along the Brewster Lake Road. When the second road closure is confirmed the signage will be further updated, Watson says, and thanks the community in advance for their patience during this temporary road closure period.