Regional district paid out millions in wages last year

The Strathcona Regional District paid out $4.24 million to its employees and elected officials combined last year

The Strathcona Regional District paid out $4.24 million to its employees and elected officials combined last year.

Regional District staff made up the greatest chunk of that, collecting $3.93 million in remuneration.

Russ Hotsenpiller, the regional district’s chief administrative officer, topped the list, earning $137,747 last year, followed by Tom Yates, the regional district’s corporate services manager, at $109,263.

Dawn Christenson, who serves as the financial services manager, earned $113,137 while Josie Rohne, who was the facility manager at Strathcona Gardens before retiring last year, made $92,066.

The next top earners were Yves Bienvenu, current Strathcona Gardens facility manager, at $82,146, Lorne Parker, operations manager at Strathcona Gardens, who earned $80,545 and Susan Bullock, programs manager at Strathcona Gardens, who collected $77,668 in remuneration.

The regional district paid out a further $3.24 million to other employees with remuneration and expenses of less than $75,000.

Among elected officials, Director Jim Abram earned the most last year as chair of the board, with remuneration of $61,121. His expenses were $18,443 last year.

Area A Director Gerald Whalley made $39,526 while Area B Director Noba Anderson was next on the list with earnings of $39,251, followed by Area D Director Brenda Leigh at $38,387.

Ron Kerr earned the most among Campbell River directors at $15,809 followed by Andy Adams at $15,556, Larry Samson at $8,113, and Charlie Cornfield and Michele Babchuk who both earned $728.

Both Cornfield and Babchuk have only sat on the regional district board since December, after being elected to Campbell River city council in November’s municipal election, while Samson took over for Ryan Mennie after he moved to Alberta last summer.

Outgoing Campbell River directors Claire Moglove and Mary Storry earned $12,578 and $12,828 respectively while Mennie earned $6,027 for sitting as directors on the regional district board last year.

Outgoing Gold River Mayor Craig Anderson earned $14,178 in remuneration from the regional district.

Rounding out the list of wages for current directors are: Tahsis Diretor Jude Schooner with earnings of $14,184, Sayward director John MacDonald at $14,106, Zeballos Director Julie Colborne, who earned $5,528 in remuneration, and Gold River Director Brad Unger at $778, who was appointed to the board in December.

The Strathcona Regional District’s statements of earnings and expenses was issued at the May 13 board meeting as part of the regional district’s annual audit findings.