Rash of vehicle break-ins in Campbell River

Unlocked vehicles in area of Evergreen Rd, between Birch and Dogwood streets, are being targeted

Police are urging residents to lock up their vehicles.

There has been a spike in thefts from vehicles in Campbell River, and all have occurred from unlocked cars and trucks.

There have been 14 thefts from vehicles reported since last Saturday and half occurred in the area of Evergreen Road between Birch and Dogwood streets.

The thieves have targeted loose change, but have also removed electronic equipment and other valuables, sometimes discarding those blocks away.

“And with that, there have been a few complaints of thefts of bicycles from yards and general trespass by night calls,” said RCMP Cpl. Poppy Hallam. “We believe the same people may be involved in the thefts from the yards as well.”

Do not make it easy for thieves, she added, and lock up your vehicles and your valuables.

If you hear suspicious activity at night, call the RCMP.

“We can’t do it alone, we need your help,” said Hallam. “Help us, help your neighbours and call.”