Rainy weather lifts campfire ban

This week's rainy has dampened the forests enough to lift the coast-wide campfire ban – bring on the smokes!

The bad news is obvious, it’s raining and it’s still summer.

The good news though is the coast-wide campfire ban has been lifted.

The public is reminded that campfires cannot be larger than a half- metre high by a half-metre wide. Anyone who lights a campfire must have a hand tool (such as a shovel) or at least eight litres of water available to fully extinguish it.

Never leave a campfire unattended and make sure that the ashes are completely cold to the touch before leaving the area.

Category 3 open fires are permitted throughout the Coastal Fire Centre jurisdictional area. A Category 3 open fire burns material in piles larger than two metres high by three metres wide, windrows or grass over an area larger than 2,000 square metres.

Any person lighting a Category 3 fire must comply with burning regulations and must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1- 888-797-1717.