Purchase agreement for Octopus Islands

Another $200,000 needs to be raised to add more islands to the marine park off Quadra Island

Another $200

On May 1, B.C. Parks Land Acquisition Branch signed a purchase agreement to acquire land at the heart of Quadra’s spectacular Octopus Islands and Small Inlet Provincial Parks.

While the government has obtained the majority of the necessary funds, a portion must still be raised to secure the sale.

Under the auspices of the Quadra Island Conservancy Society, a committee of Quadra residents – Save the Heart of Quadra Parks – is launching a fundraising campaign to raise part of the outstanding amount.

The goal of the committee is $200,000.

“Working from a signed agreement is a major achievement,” says committee member Judy Leicester. “We are sure that this is our last chance to acquire the central 395 hectares that link the two parks.”

This property features an historic portage trail connecting the east and west shores of Quadra across the islands narrowest span.

There are significant archeological sites, a rare freshwater spring and part of the trail to Newton Lake where yachters and hikers traditionally swim and watch local loons.

It also includes the scenic viewscapes from the Octopus Islands and from Small Inlet.

This property has been at the top of B.C. Parks Land Acquisition’s list for many years.

In fact, the B.C Parks website already features this area even though it is not yet in the park system.

“This area has exceptional conservation and recreational values,” says Leicester. “It is one of the most popular marine wilderness destinations on B.C.’s coast and it needs to be protected rather than be logged or developed which would be its fate should the sale not be completed.

“Together, we need to make this one last push to ensure that the heart of these Quadra parks is protected now and forever.”

Time is short. The closing date for the sale is Sept. 28.

The website for Save the Heart of Quadra Parks will be up and running soon.

To take part in the campaign e-mail swest@gicable.com