This SRD map shows the location of the work on the dike.

Province funds flood mitigation work near Oyster River

Strathcona Regional District will upgrade dike in Glenmore Road area

The provincial government has awarded a grant to the Strathcona Regional District to help with flood mitigation work for part of the Area D electoral district.

The work will take place in the Glenmore Road. The SRD will be extending diking along the Oyster River to the northwest to provide greater protection for homes in the area. The area is located at the southern edge of the electoral area, with the river separating the SRD from the Comox Valley Regional District.

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The SRD received word this summer the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The funding, which comes under the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund for the 2018 Structural Flood Mitigation funding projects, is worth $441,000.

“On behalf of the Evaluation Committee, I would like to congratulate the Strathcona Regional District for responding to this opportunity to undertake projects that mitigate and prepare for flood events,” Program Officer Rebecca Bishop wrote in a June 26 letter to the regional district.

The SRD receives $220,500 up front for the project, with the remaining half follow once the SRD submits a final report and financial summary. This will be submitted to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and reviewed by Emergency Management BC.

All activities on the project have to be complete by July 31, 2020, with the final report submitted by Aug. 31, 2020, with any unused funds submitted to the UBCM within 30 days of the completion of the project.

At present, a timeline has not yet been finalized, but the SRD will be setting this for the project to go to tender. The SRD is in the process of developing the request for proposal.

“The exact timeline will be determined when the contract is awarded,” said Shaun Koopman, the regional district’s protective services coordinator.

The province’s announcement follows a study to assess the work that was needed at the site. In 2016, the province provided $80,000 to fund a flood mitigation assessment for the Glenmore Dike “to potentially recondition and strengthen” the dike’s structure to better withstand flood threats from the Oyster River.

A news release at the time pointed out the area of the lower Oyster River has been identified as an area known for periodic flooding and erosion.

Improving and extending the dike was seen as a way to ensure public safety for more than 300 residents living in the area, along with businesses at Oyster River Plaza on Highway 19A.

“For the past eight years, Strathcona Regional District has worked with other levels of government to mitigate flooding and erosion problems near the Oyster River. This funding provides an opportunity for the district to better understand the existing condition of the dike and determine the most cost-effective way to prevent any future flooding incidents. In 2015, we made asset management planning a strategic priority and this project is one of many that will help us ensure the longevity and sustainability of our infrastructure,” said John MacDonald, who at the time was chair of the Strathcona Regional District.