Proposed KFC would complete fast food row

The owner of the property is planning to construct a two-unit building in between

The city is preparing to bring in more business to complete the Island Highway restaurant complex across from Discovery Harbour mall.

The owner of the property is planning to construct a two-unit building in between Boston Pizza and Wendy’s on the gravel lot that is typically used for parking.

“The applicant is requesting a development permit for a commercial building to accommodate a KFC restaurant and a retail unit,” said city planner Chris Osborne in a report to council.

“The proposal follows an earlier development permit for the wider site known as Discovery Crescent under which four separate buildings were permitted but only three developed.”

The site was constructed more than 10 years ago and Boston Pizza, Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, and White Spot moved in.

The development was always destined for another building – known as building B.

But Osborne said staff have some concerns regarding the proposal including the amount of traffic and congestion within a tight space.

With the building in place, there will also be a loss of parking spots, although Osborne said there will still be more spots than are required in the city’s zoning bylaw.

There are also concerns regarding the drive-thru for KFC, which will likely be entered at the back of the building and exited perpendicular at the front.

“Site accesses would remain as existing, with anticlockwise circulation from the drive-thru,” Osborne said.

“There would be some potential conflict with pedestrians accessing the site, but walkways are clearly marked and due to constrained turning radii around the building, vehicle speeds would be very slow. Further conflict would arise with the egress (comings and goings) from the adjacent Wendy’s drive-thru.”

The KFC drive-thru is expected to have a wood trellis alongside it to provide separation from the drive-thru lane and the rest of the complex.

It would also provide screening for diners inside Boston Pizza from the glare of headlights sweeping through the drive-thru.

Despite staff’s concerns with the proposal, Osborne recommended council approve the proposal at Tuesday’s council meeting, after the Mirror went to press.

“Given that the siting of the building and drive-thru has already been established by a previous development permit and that very limited scope exists to address potential traffic and access issues, the exterior design and landscaping are consistent with the guidelines of the Official Community Plan,” Osborne said.

“The appearance seeks to reflect the maritime location through incorporation of a gable feature in the style of a canning shed, but remaining complementary to the corporate branding of the adjoining KFC unit.”