The wall on the Tamarac Street Bridge to feature a salmon-themed mural. Photo courtesy Campbellton Neighbourhood Association.

The wall on the Tamarac Street Bridge to feature a salmon-themed mural. Photo courtesy Campbellton Neighbourhood Association.

Proposals wanted for Tamarac Street Bridge public artwork

Salmom-themed mural will decorate new ‘parkette’

One or more of Campbell River’s accomplished artists could soon have a one big “canvas” on which to show their skills.

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association (CNA) is asking local artists to submit their proposals for a mural to be painted on the Tamarac Street Bridge. This bridge carries northbound Highway 19 traffic over the Campbell River.

The mural will accent a new public “parkette” to be located next to the bridge. The CNA will commission the successful artist or artists to create a large, salmon-themed mural on the east side of the bridge. It will run the full length of the parkette.

Artists have until 4 p.m. on March 18 to submit their proposals for consideration. Full details of the call to artists can be found on the CNA website.

The City of Campbell River and the CNA have been working together on plans for the Bridge Viewpoint parkette as part of recent efforts by the CNA to beautify and revitalize the newly re-branded “Campbellton River Village,” and to provide public places for viewing and appreciating the Campbell River.

“Bridge Viewpoint parkette is going to be a beautiful new park that will enhance our riverfront neighbourhood considerably,” said Laurel Cronk, chair of CNA, in a press release.

“With support from the City of Campbell River, Island Coastal Economic Trust, Campbell River Arts Council, and local artists, we hope it will be a welcoming place where locals and tourists can enjoy the river and the art, appreciate the wildlife, and watch the many activities that happen at the river.”

At more than 50 feet long, the mural will help visitors feel as though they’re right in the river with the salmon, according to press release.

The parkette will be enhanced with natural furnishings, decorative placement of rocks and gravel, and additional salmon-themed public art. Artistic enrichment of this parkette is made possible by a $50,000 grant from Island Coastal Economic Trust’s THRIVE grant.

The City’s Parks Department is set to begin building the parkette this spring, and painting of the mural will take place in April and May.

“This is one of many CNA projects bringing pride of place to the Campbellton River Village,” said Councillor Ron Kerr. “The parkette will give access to our Heritage River and provide public art to enhance the visitor’s experience.”

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