Pole patrol: BC Hydro crews hit the streets to replace 9,000 aging power poles this year

Over the next few months, BC Hydro will be replacing more than 9,000 wooden distribution poles across the province as part of its ongoing maintenance program, including 200 poles in Campbell River.

Power poles last about 40 to 50 years on average, but weaken and deteriorate over time due to adverse weather, insects and wildlife.

BC Hydro maintains and operates a vast and complex electrical system in B.C., which includes 900,000 wooden poles that hold more than 58,000 kilometres of overhead distribution lines and 278,000 overhead transformers. Replacing power poles is one of the investments BC Hydro is making in aging infrastructure to improve the safety and reliability of the electricity system.

To ensure the safety of our crews and the public, BC Hydro may need to disconnect power when replacing aging power poles.

Crews will notify customers in-person, by mail or phone about these scheduled outages for maintenance.