Plea expected from Campbell River mom in shoplifting cases

Goddard asked the judge to revoke bail based on the “repetition of the prior offence” and the alleged breach of bail and court order

A mother of three, accused of multiple counts of shoplifting, is expected to enter a guilty plea today after spending time behind bars.

Denise Hanuse, 33, was ordered into custody after her bail was revoked on Monday in Campbell River provincial court.

“Can I say something?” Hanuse asked meekly from the prisoner’s box, after defence lawyer Doug Marion had already tried to secure her release.

But Judge Brian Saunderson quickly cut her off. The veteran judge said Hanuse is establishing herself as “committed thief” who has no concern for court orders. In short, anything she had to say couldn’t possibility alter his decision.

“It’s done. It’s over!” he stated.

Hanuse was led away to cells at the local RCMP detachment, but she is expected to return to court today to enter a guilty plea.

Born and raised in Campbell River, Hanuse was residing in Victoria last spring when she was arrested for two alleged shoplifting incidents.

On May 9, 2012, she was arrested for allegedly trying to steal goods worth $1,369 from the Walmart in Saanich. She was freed on bail, then arrested again on June 2 for allegedly shoplifting from a Victoria Save-On Foods store and assaulting a store employee.

Again she was freed on conditions and ordered to report to a bail supervisor. However, she allegedly failed to report on Aug. 7, in Port Hardy.

At some point Hanuse returned to Campbell River. On Feb. 5, she went into the local Walmart, even though her original bail order prevents her from entering any Walmart on Vancouver Island.

According to Crown prosecutor Bruce Goddard, a security officer spotted Hanuse on the closed-circuit camera in the electronics section of the store.

The officer allegedly saw her take a computer virus program and then followed her as she returned to the walk-in clinic where her son was awaiting treatment.

It is further alleged she concealed lubricant and throat lozenges from the pharmacy, then went food shopping, paid for the food and then exited the store where she was stopped by security. It is alleged she tried to steal the program and the other two items which came to a total value of $82.45.

Goddard asked the judge to revoke bail based on the “repetition of the prior offence” and the alleged breach of bail and court orders. He also noted that Hanuse received a conditional discharge for 2011 theft conviction in Campbell River.

Hanuse’s lawyer argued that she is needed at home to care for her children, ages 12, 9 and 5, because her common-law husband has medical issues and cannot provide the care on his own.

The family survives on social assistance and doesn’t have much money. However, Marion said the family does have a fishing boat that could be used as bail surety.

But Judge Saunderson said that he’s presided over several cases where the accused show more concern for their children once they are in jail, and less so when they’re committing crimes.

As a result, Hanuse’s bail was revoked.