Dr. John Fitzpatrick of Comox will lead a discussion on doctor-assisted death during the next Philosopher’s Café Jan. 13 at Berwick by the Sea. Call 250-914-8055 for time and location and to reserve your seat. Space is limited and an RSVP is required.

Philosophers’ Café discusses doctor-assisted death

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the laws of Canada must be amended to allow doctors to help their terminally ill and suffering patients die.

Quebec’s law which sets conditions for assisted suicide has been upheld in appeal. The new Liberal government is required to quickly develop and enact the new law. What advice would you give them? Some see this as a right — a freedom of choice regarding their own bodies. Others see it as a slippery slope which could lead to premature deaths of vulnerable persons.

Join Dr. John Fitzpatrick Jan. 13 at Berwick by the Sea as he leads a discussion on this ethically challenging topic. Fitzpatrick is a 1973 McMaster University Medical School graduate. As a General Practitioner, he has provided “cradle to grave” care for patients for close to 40 years.

Once a month, a speaker will introduce a theme to the Café, and then all who attend can join in respectful, non-partisan conversation or just sit back and listen. You are welcome to propose topics and introduce them at future Cafés. Themes should be of broad interest and national significance and have an element of controversy to them.

As with each Café, Fitzpatrick will have just 10 minutes to introduce the topic, then the floor is open for 50 minutes of moderated discussion.