New towing powers approved

City council has approved a bylaw amendment that gives the city the authority to tow away illegally parked boat and travel trailers.

The city already has the legal means to tow or remove motor vehicles from highways or other public places but utility, boat and travel trailers fell outside the law.

City Clerk Peter Wipper said for the most part, the existing bylaw has been effective in dealing with vehicles parked illegally without having to take extreme measures, but sometimes further action is warranted.

“While the provisions in this section have proven to be effective, there is on occasion the need to facilitate the towing of a utility, boat or travel trailer for non-compliance when all other options have been exhausted,” Wipper said.

Last year, of the 178 complaint files relating to parking, 37 involved utility, boat or travel trailers, according to Wipper.

Of the 54 illegal parking complaints reported to City Hall in 2015, nine were related to ‘heavy vehicle.’

Most parking infractions were resolved through a verbal warning, but two were considered ‘subject to tow.’