A file photo shows the remains of the MV Pursepa, a 50-foot boat that ran aground in the estuary of the Campbell River 2015 and was abandoned.

New law targeting derelict vessels comes into force

Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act includes hefty fines

A new federal law targeting derelict vessels has come into force.

The Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act prohibits the abandonment of vessels and brings into Canadian law an international convention on the removal of wrecks, according to Transport Canada.

Not complying with the act can result in an administrative penalty of up to $50,000 for individuals or $250,000 for companies and corporations.

Convictions of more serious offenses can lead to fines of up to $1 million for individuals or $6 million for companies or corporations.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said that most owners of vessels are responsible, but the act will hold to account those who aren’t.

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