Campbellton as viewed with Google Earth.

Neighbourhood wants city to get on the bus

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association has big plans to improve that section of the city in 2015

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association has big plans to improve that section of the city in 2015.

While the group would like to plant a community garden where neighbours can gather, and liven up the streets with banners, one of the items at the top of the list is the establishment of bus shelters.

Brian Shaw, co-chair of the Neighbourhood Association, told council at its Monday night meeting that Campbellton deserves the same treatment as the rest of the city.

“Seven shelters were developed last year. Please note that Campbellton has no bus shelters and that with the addition of the Willis Road route, some of that allocation should go to Campbellton this year,” Shaw said.

The association is recommending that a transit hub be created and that it be centrally located – at Redwood and Highway 19A.

To accommodate pedestrians walking to and from the bus stops, the Neighbourhood Association is also asking the city to consider adding more sidewalks in the Campbellton area, to complement the new sidewalks that were added last year on 15th Avenue and Spruce Street.

To further improve pedestrian safety, the addition of pedestrian crossing lights at key Campbellton intersections, as well as street light improvements, are also on the Neighbourhood Association’s list.

Shaw said there are several street lights that need to be either installed or replaced.

“The village is poorly illuminated,” Shaw said. “We’ve provided the city with a complete review of the changes required last November. We understand that the administration is in discussions with BC Hydro and request council consider funding any requirements demanded by Hydro to make our streets safer.”

But while the association is asking for the city’s help, Shaw pointed out that the group is somewhat self-sufficient and last year fundraised $14,512.

“We actually have made money this year and we’re not totally dependent on city assistance, although it is certainly appreciated,” Shaw said.

Coun. Ron Kerr praised the association for its efforts.

“Your whole organization has been doing a great job. You’re working hard,” Kerr said. “The thing I like is you haven’t been just putting your hand out and asking for money. You’ve been steadfastly making money, raising money and making efficient use of your time.”

Kerr also told Shaw that he would be bringing some of the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association’s project requests to council’s 2015 budget discussions which get underway next month.

One of those requests is for funding to continue the partnership between the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association and Vancouver Island University. Last year the city gave the association a $7,500 grant and $3,000 in in-kind donations, as well as made an application to the BC Real Estate Foundation for a further $10,500 grant. Shaw said the group is requesting the same from the city this year in order to re-hire a geography class from the Nanaimo-based university.

“We ask that council fund CNA $7,500 and we will make up the difference of $10,500 in order to apply for the matching $10,500 using the same formula as last time,” Shaw said. “The program has been a great success. The class provided us with a very professional action plan (for Campbellton) last fall.”

Shaw told council that if he had to prioritize the association’s projects for 2015, continuing on the partnership with the Vancouver Island University students would come in at number one.

“I think it’s very important for the future right now,” Shaw said.