NDP MP Rachel Blaney, along with MPs Gord Johns and Alistair MacGregor, has called on the federal government to invest in affordable childcare . (Photo by Marissa Tiel/ Campbell River Mirror)

Vancouver Island MPs call on feds to invest in affordable child care

NDP MPs Blaney, Gord and MacGregor have called for affordable universal child care as economy reopens

In a joint statement, NDP MPs from Vancouver Island, Rachel Blaney, Gord Johns and Alistair MacGregor have called on the federal government to invest in building a universal child care and early learning system to support families as they get back to work.

Cowichan-Mahalat-Langford MP MacGregor said that child care providers have reduced their capacity due to pandemic-imposed restrictions such as physical distancing. And with schools closed in the coming months, there’s an increased pressure on parents.

“Childcare is essential to restarting the economy,” said MacGregor .

North Island-Powell River MP, Blaney, said that lack of suitable and affordable child care affects women in particular. Blaney also pointed out that women represent half the work force in some of the hardest sectors.

“The government needs to invest in child care so that moms are able to rejoin the workforce and help our economy recover.”

New Democrats are calling on the government to finally begin working with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous governments to establish national, affordable universal child care.

The Courtenay- Alberni MP, Johns, supported MacGregor and said that, “as people begin to go back to work we have to make sure they’re getting the support they need.”

Johns also called out the liberal government for the “empty promises” of child care they have been making since 1993 and urged them to make “meaningful” investments at the earliest.

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