Sterling Campbell

Move forward to a brighter future

Three questions for city council candidates – Sterling Campbell

1. My vision of Campbell River is the investment by people coming together from different walks of life to join us as we all move forward to a brighter future ahead.

This investment must balance major infrastructure projects with fiscal responsibility protecting our quality of life within a sustainable level of taxation.

We must develop a stronger community plan to attract investment in all our local neighbourhoods. We must also reach out to seniors and youth, business and the arts to develop a cohesive quality of life for all.


2. Due to the number of chief administrators and mayors in the last decade, the belief is that staff and council are seen to have difficulties with direction.

My former experience as a 10-year member of city council in a resource based community in Ontario gives me a unique outlook on the economic challenges facing Campbell River.

Having had experience with zero based budgeting and its positive results combined with the sale of city owned surplus land will help ease the pain of the economic transition.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started.


3. The community is best served when there is open dialogue with City Hall.

I will support our current communications specialist in developing a strategy that allows citizens to be able to readily understand the decisions made on their behalf by staff and council.

For example, last March a bylaw was passed allowing taxpayers to make monthly payments towards their 2012 tax bill, doing away with post-dated cheques, cutting city borrowing charges and reducing staff overtime in June.


These benefits must be advertised so that taxpayers can plan to take advantage of this new bylaw.