Mounties busy on New Year’s Eve

There were 56 calls for service, an increase of 10 calls over last year

Campbell River RCMP experienced a busy New Years.

There were 56 calls for service, an increase of 10 calls over last year, Cpl. Poppy Hallam said.

“The staffing levels were appropriate and there were no issues in response to calls, and the officers conducted pro-active policing throughout the night,” she said. “The detachment responds to an average of 20 calls per 12 hour shift, which of course varies between days and nights and time of year and special occasions. Some shifts can see as many as 40 calls for service for no apparent reason. And call volume is certainly not an indicator on how busy the officers are, because one serious car accident can tie up multiple resources for hours.”


Impaired Driving


Overall, the incidents of impaired drivers were low over the holidays, Cpl Hallam said.

“A few 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions were issued, but overall, it was not a huge issue and certainly not on New Years.”

On New Years Eve, there were two formal road checks conducted where at least 300 vehicles were checked for driver sobriety, valid drivers licence and vehicle insurance.

The local Tim Horton’s donated 200 Tim Cards and officers handed out the gift cards to sober designated drivers as a thank-you for keeping our roads safe and helping out the community.

“Obviously drivers were surprised and thankful for this holiday treat!” Cpl Hallam said. “Our officers work hard every day to keep order and peace in our community, and New Years was no exception. Officers encountered a few intoxicated people throughout the night who put themselves, police and the public at risk. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, however the over consumption of alcohol and drug use were a problem and some rang in the New Year from jail.”


Mischief and Party Problems


There was a large group of approximately 30 youth in the area of Vermont, Colorado and Maryland causing problems, knocking down signs, kicking over garbage cans and causing general mischief and damage.

A party in the area seemed to be the cause of the problems and was shut down at the owner’s request. Officers attended the area, poured out open liquor and sent the youth on their way.

Then officers were called back for some of the same youth that had been warned to get on their way, but had returned to the same party. Officers ended up in a physical altercation outside with a male who resisted arrest and fled. The investigation into possession of a controlled substance and resist arrest is still active and charges may be sought against this male.


Assist Fire Department


On Jan. 1, at 2:34 a.m., Police were called to assist the Campbell River Fire Department for a residential structure fire in the 600 block of Alder Street.

The Fire Department extinguished the fire and determined the fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring. No one was home at the time and no one was injured.