Mother and daughter charged with fraud

Just about every town from Courtenay south was on the “hit list”

A mother and daughter have been arrested in connection with a string of frauds that occurred in several Vancouver Island communities.

Campbell River isn’t believed to be one of the communities where the alleged offences took place, but just about every town from Courtenay south was on the “hit list.”

“From January 2011 to March 2012 hundreds of individual credit card frauds were committed in communities throughout Vancouver Island by a group of prolific offenders,” said RCMP Sgt. Peter Thiessen in a news release.

The frauds in some cases had never been reported to local police and the investigation involved extensive follow-up with banks, merchants and partner agencies.

“These arrests and charges represent a significant success and disruption of ongoing financial crimes,” said Insp. John Ibbotson. “This is an excellent example of the RCMP Federal Financial Integrity investigators successfully tackling an organized crime group and their involvement in financial crime and then working with our regional policing partners to locate and arrest the suspects.”

Christine Mauro, 46, is facing six counts of fraud under $5,000 and three counts for using credit card data.

Her mother, Karen Mauro, 63, is charged with nine counts of fraud under $5,000 and another nine for using credit card data.

The pair is believed to be two key members of a four-person crime group. Christine and Karen Mauro made their first appearance in Victoria provincial court on June 13, and were released on extensive conditions. They are presently under house arrest.

“Consistent with financial crimes of this nature, credit cards were altered and unauthorized credit card data was used to purchase high-end electronics, furniture, merchandise and gift cards,” said Insp. Ibbotson.

“The estimated financial loss to the merchants and the bank card issuers was over $90,000, and would have continued unchecked if not for the diligence of RCMP Financial Integrity investigators.”