More street banners to go up in Campbellton

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is planning to expand its banner program this year

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is planning to expand its banner program this year.

The group intends to use part of its annual beautification grant, which is given to the association by the City of Campbell River, to put up at least 20 banners.

The two-sided salmon art banners are slated for light posts along 14th Avenue between the Eagles building and Petersen Road, and along 16th Avenue between Tamarac and Petersen.

“The art represents the mighty Campbell River, a world class asset to the city and North Island,” wrote the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association in a letter to city council.

The banners will expand on a program the association undertook in 2015 when it erected 40 fish banners around Tamarac and Willow streets. The current project is expected to cost $8,000 which is to be funded through the beautification grant, approved in principle by city council last week. The grant, which totals $10,000, will also be put towards improving and expanding the association’s community garden at the 15th Street Park in Campbellton. Work includes new garden beds, deer fencing and signage.

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association has completed a second phase at the community garden, which has added 21 new garden beds. One of those is dedicated as a community herb bed, which yields herbs for all the gardeners to share, while a second has been donated to the Campbell River Food Bank to help provide food for low income residents. The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is not the only group to take advantage of the city’s beautification grant. The $10,000 funding injections are also awarded annually to the Pier Street Association, the Downtown BIA (Business Improvement Area) and the Willow Point BIA.

The Pier Street Association intends to use its $10,000 grant to reimburse costs associated with new piling wraps around several street signs along Pier Street, as well as maintenance and replacement of several planter boxes. Both the Willow Point and Downtown BIAs have yet to have their applications for 2017 go before council but will have to soon. Council recently changed the rules so that groups now have to apply before May 31 each year and all work must be complete by Dec. 1.