Mom and son planned a little drinking outside courthouse

Family night’s a little different for Joseph Galligos and his mom Maria Rufus

Family night’s a little different for Joseph Galligos and his mom Maria Rufus.

Both are well-known to authorities, primarily for their drinking problems, and that’s what led police to spoiling another family outing on March 11.

It was at 8:55 p.m., when Galligos, Rufus and Nadine Charlie were seen on surveillance video entering the Coast Discovery Inn Cold Beer and Wine Store.

They weren’t there for long and when they left Galligos had taken a two-litre bottle of grapefruit-flavoured cider without paying.

Store staff weren’t fooled and called RCMP who found the trio outside the Campbell River Courthouse, near the sheltered entrance that is used regularly during the nights by hard-core alcoholics, some who sleep on the concrete wheelchair ramp.

Earlier that evening both Rufus and Charlie were evicted from the nearby Lighthouse Shelter for being intoxicated.

When RCMP arrived outside the courthouse, an officer began to question the three when the unopened bottle of grapefruit cider fell out of Charlie’s jacket.

Galligos, 23, was arrested for the theft while the two women were so intoxicated that police held them overnight at the RCMP detachment for their own safety.

All three were released from custody the next morning and Galligos was later placed on a bail order that included a no-alcohol provision.

However, on March 30, around 2:50 a.m., police were attending the Campbell River Hospital emergency ward on an unrelated matter when they came across Galligos.

He was there because he had drank some “bad wine” with friends and was being treated for stomach problems. After medical staff were done with him, Galligos was arrested for breaching terms of his bail.

He’s been behind bars since then and on Monday he appeared in provincial court, by video, from cells in Victoria. He pleaded guilty to theft under $5,000 and the breach.

Galligos was handed a 105-day jail sentence by Judge Peter Doherty, less 31 days for time already served. He is also bound by one year of probation.

Mainly as a result of his alcoholism, Galligos has almost 20 convictions for breaching court orders. However, through his lawyer, he indicated he wants to get help after a decade of drinking.

Following his release from jail, Galligos intends to enter a 28-day residential rehab program, to be followed by counselling and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Judge Doherty urged Galligos to seek help, otherwise he’ll be spending far more time behind bars.

“Mr. Galligos, you’re doing life in prison on the installment plan…I hope you get some assistance.”